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  • * '''Report TOS Violation''' link found on every public post is the best way of communicating with '''[[Site ...nse.When sending any Admin a message, it’s imperative that you include a link to what it is you’re asking about.
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  • ...und via [ Terms of Service] link provided at the bottom of every page on iHub.
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  • ...g multiple aliases. If you think it is someone specific, please include a link, or at least the other alias you suspect. You can also send a private mess
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  • That is not allowed. Please send a PM to iHAdmin with a link to the User's profile and your use of it on a social media page.
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  • ==== This guy has a link in his signature that says "see my favorite boards" but when you click on i ...ollows anywhere except iHub's link on the Profile page. If you see such a link, please report it by sending a pm to iHubAdmin.
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  • ...If you see content of this nature, you can report it to Admin along with a link to the board and it will be reviewed. ...Name/Ticker Change''' while in in Manage mode. Don't forget to include a link to the FINRA's approval of the change.
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  • When viewing the post, there is a link to Edit Msg with a number indicating how many minutes remain for editing. ==== How do I add a link in my message? ====
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  • ...ages. It should be brought to Admin's attention either via the Report TOS link as described above on in a PM to iHAdmin. Chances are that the press release, a link contained in the press release, or a site linked to in the post or press re
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  • ...’s carriers that provides the fiber ring between GSI facilities. A third link between facilities was brought online until the main ring could be brought <tr><td>3:50pm</td><td>Backup Link established and systems come back up for most clients</td></tr>
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  • ...unverified, it's because you haven't confirmed your email by clicking the link we sent you. Check your spam folder on your email account and have it re-s ...u still have to validate your email address. Either click the verification link in the email that we sent to you or send a PM to [http://investorshub.advfn
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  • ...ntent is on-topic. These users cannot post links on other iHub boards that link directly to their website. ...their Disclosure/Disclaimer page on each post. They can choose to omit the link on posts where it is not required.
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  • ...rules. Those rules deal with civil conduct, not topical content. Here's a link to when/why messages are deleted: ...(All Users can send private messages to Admin). Please be sure to supply a link to the post in question and otherwise follow the instructions when PMing an
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  • ...u have the option of blocking them. At the bottom of the PM, click on the link that says "Block User's Private Messages". ...of the PM'''. To be clear, Admin cannot view private messages even when a link is provided.
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  • ...le=FAQ:Composing_Posts#How_do_I_add_a_link_in_my_message.3F How do I add a link in my message?] How to use words for my link.]
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  • an RSS feed that has been optimized to be Twitter friendly. There is a link to it right after the board name on the board page (the icon says RSS - pre
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  • Go to Settings (top right corner) and click on My Twitter link. You'll be taken to another screen on Twitter to allow authorization. an RSS feed that has been optimized to be Twitter friendly. There is a link to it right after the board name on the board page (the icon says RSS - pre
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  • :* Link to FAQ
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  • ...need a registration. People can share the substantive content (i.e., not a link) from restricted access sites as long as the content complies with the rule
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  • iHub Image Repository] and link to it from there. on Manage/Board Name-Ticker Change/Submit. '''Don't forget to include a link to FINRA detailing the change when it pertains to a stock-specific board.''
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