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InvestorsHub Community Guidelines

Effective 7/15/2023, Last updated 1/03/2024. Changes highlighted below.

These Guidelines are applicable to Stock Specific Boards - i.e., boards that have (or once had) a trading ticker associated with them. Less stringent enforcement of many of these rules is allowed on general topic boards.

When it comes to investment discussions, iHub welcomes all opinions irrespective of investment sentiment. To do otherwise would be a disservice to the public interest.

The Broad Strokes

  • Express your views with substantive commentary. People are here to consume and engage in the exchange of information, mostly about their past, current and future investments. One-liner cheerleading, jeering or bickering are just noise that benefits nobody. Tell others what you feel about the stock and why you feel that way.
  • Expect contrary views. People will often have different views. This is part of the human condition and is what makes discussions interesting. If you disagree with a particular view, explaining why is encouraged but you don’t have to respond to everything that you read, and you don’t have to accept everything that you read as the gospel.
  • Choose civility. People are here to learn and to share their own views. If you are here for the purpose of abusing and disrespecting other commentators, your participation is merely disruption and of no benefit. If you choose to engage in abusive conduct do not be surprised when your posts get removed and/or your posting privileges get restricted.
  • Debate the message rather than attacking the messenger. Yes, you can be critical of other Users and their opinions but avoid vulgar name calling. You will be much more respected and followed if you contribute substantive commentary about the investment being discussed.

The Do’s

  • Include context. Whether you choose to praise or throw shade at a stock or someone else’s opinions, include substantive content of why you hold that view.
  • Challenge content with which you disagree. Debate and rebuttal is the fodder that leads to informed investment decisions, whether that results in a buy, sell or hold.
  • Make use of the tools provided. Want to follow certain stocks or posters? Add them to your Favorites. Don’t want to read another user’s posts? Put them on Ignore. Want to share your favorite stocks? User $ticker tags in your post; add them to your My Stocks.
  • See a post that violates these guidelines? Don’t respond in-kind; use the option to Report Violation.

The Don'ts

  • No gratuitous attacks about other member's personal life. "Personal" as being used here means, "of or concerning one's private life, relationships and health."
  • No offensive language about anyone 'Offensive language' are terms labeled as such by authorities such as Merriam Webster. Examples of this are "squaw" or "retard". The official definition is labeled "offensive."
  • Spam. Don’t post links to content that is behind a paywall (subscription required) or that requires registration.
  • Redirecting conversation. It is okay to post links to specific posts on most other social media sites. However, it is not okay to try and redirect the discussion to other venues by promoting discussion threads or encouraging users to take the discussion elsewhere.
  • Internet 101 - don’t be a troll and don’t feed them.
  • Avoid partisan political content as well as religious content.
  • Leave negative comments about Moderators out of your posts. They are volunteers and don’t deserve that. Take it up with Admin.
  • No egregious vulgarity. We're not going to try to define it here, but we know it when we see it.

The Lines in the Sand

These are our zero-tolerance rules. Violations can lead to severe administrative sanctions up to and including account termination.

These rules apply to all boards, not just the Stock Specific Boards.

  • Threats of physical violence or harm or wishing harm on others has no place here. Don’t offer to meet someone to “settle” a difference of opinion, and don’t wish a pox upon them or their house. It’s juvenile and unwelcome.
  • Violations of Privacy
    • Don’t try to dox people in any way. It doesn’t matter if your supposition is right or not, you’re still trying to expose personal information about someone else. You wouldn’t want people doing that to you. Don’t do it to other people, unless they have publicly self-revealed their identity here.
    • Do not post personal telephone numbers or residence addresses unless that information is readily available in relevant, publicly accessible government or business records.
    • Do not post or discuss the content of Private Messages without the author’s prior consent.
  • No discussion of minors. Nothing within the realm of investing in the public equity markets requires discussion of minor children. Don’t do it.
  • No racial or ethnic slurs.
  • No solicitations. You cannot advertise or solicit anything (other than feedback) in your posts. That includes but is not limited to links to crowdfunding sites.

The Fine Print

  • Link to FAQ