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Frequently Asked Questions

How do signatures work?

Members are provided the ability to attach a signature to their posts. Signatures appear to all users when viewing posts in single-message mode; they are not visible in PMs or when viewing posts in other modes.

Site admins have the ability to disable any signature from being attached to new posts, and the ability to hide previously attached signatures deemed to be in violation of site policy.

This guy has a link in his signature that says "see my favorite boards" but when you click on it, it gives the guy a Follow. Can I do this, too?

No, there should be no links to Follows anywhere except iHub's link on the Profile page. If you see such a link, please report it by sending a pm to iHubAdmin.

I'm Mod on the board and don't understand why I can't have the company’s logo or ticker in my signature?

Since this appears in every post you make, it is considered spam when you post on other boards. Feel free to add this to other areas of your profile that are not displayed on each post.

This one lady has a political endorsement in her signature. Whenever she posts on the board, someone almost always comments on it and the board devolves into a political discussion.

Political or religious expressions and references are not appropriate for signatures. People are welcome to place these in other sections of their profile but as indicated here, it often leads to very divergent comments that can quickly create chaos on the stock board. Please alert Admin to signatures of this nature by sending a PM to iHubAdmin.

This guy has a very, very scantily clad woman as his sig. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the picture as much as the next guy. But, any time he posts everyone wants to talk about her and I feel like a real jerk removing these comments.

A signature that "crosses the line" is usually apparent when other User's can't help but comment on it. A good guideline is to consider if it is a picture the User would be comfortable sharing with his Grandmother or Mother-in-Law. Please alert Admin to any pictures that you would like to have reviewed.

This woman has a link to a song in her signature. It takes forever to download her posts and really is very annoying – especially since I'm often quickly checking the board while at work.

No sounds should be in a signature. Please send a PM to iHubAdmin.

A lady on the board doesn't like me and thinks I delete her posts unfairly (I don't). But, now she's put an attack about me in her signature saying I'm a biased Mod.

Signatures are governed by the TOS. If the signature violates the rules, then it should be removed. Please send a PM to iHubAdmin.

How do I make a signature?

Go to Settings/My Account and click on "Manage my Signatures" or go to "Edit my profile" and scroll down and click on "Manage my Signatures"

Click on "Create a New Signature" and make your new signature. Click on Preview and check it. If it needs editing click edit and make the changes. After you are finished click save and then click "Make this my default".

Once you save a signature it can no longer be edited. You can make as many new signatures as you would like.

How do I put a picture in my signature?

The image that you use should be a jpg or a gif image. The file name should end with .jpg or .gif.

If you are trying to post a picture that is already hosted on a web page somewhere, see the instructions on the following page: Click here: Link to web

If you want to use a picture that is stored on your computer, go to Settings/My Account/My Pictures/Image upload. Click on "Browse" and find the picture you would like to use. Click "Upload".

You have now added a picture to your My Pictures. On the right side of the picture there is a link called 'Embed". Copy that entire link. Go to your My Signatures page and click Create a New Signature. Paste that link in the box. Hit Preview. Hit Save if satisfied with the picture.

When the picture appears in your signature list click on "Make this my default".

I have too many pictures in my signature file. How do I get rid of the ones I don't want?

Signatures cannot be removed after they are saved. However, they can be moved between tabs. There are 4 tabs on the My Signatures page:

Favorite Signatures | Archived Signatures | Scrapped Signatures | All Signatures

All existing signatures are considered a "Favorite" unless and until you move it to one of the other tabs. You can move them between the first 3 tabs to your heart's content.

How do I resize a picture before I put it in my signature?

Go to http://www.picresize.com. This is a web based free application that you can use to reduce the size of your picture before you upload it to your signature file.

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