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Please refer to Communicating with iHub Admins for related information on contacting our staff.

Any registered user can send Private Messages to site personnel by clicking on their profiles below.

Site Admins

Site Admins are the people who handle day-to-day issues regarding use of the iHub site and all matters relating to our Terms of Service.

Ra1.gif IMPORTANT: To send a PM to the First Available Admin, use this page. All of the staff monitor PMs sent to that account.
IH Admin Edward is a Site Administrator. Something is fishy about this guy.
IH Admin Shelly is Senior Site Administrator. She makes us mind our P's and Q's and gives complete answers despite the recipients' unwillingness to listen.
IH Admin Tisha is a Site Administrator. She is incredibly nice and makes great drawings. She'll likely share one if you ask nicely.
IH Admin Meghanis a Site Administrator. She's the strong, snarky type so don't get into a war of words with her.
IH Admin Macy Macy is part-time, so use IH Admin for anything that is time sensitive.

Technical Staff

The Geek Squad do our Program Development and manage our systems to ensure maximum availability.

IH Geek Meatloaf is John, Director of Development for our US websites. He's the epitome of a geek's geek. Eats new widgets and bacon daily.
IH Geek Dave is a developer and systems administrator. He also drew the short straw and deals with all the subpoenas and jailhouse lawyers.

Corporate Staff

IH Support Sonya is President of, Inc. and our Chief Bottle Washer. She pays us. We like her.

The Mothership

ADVFN PLC is the parent company of, Inc. They operate their websites and we operate ours.