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Questions About My Account Preferences and Subscriptions

What are the subscription rates and what are the benefits for subscribers?

See the subscription page.

What do I do if I didn't receive or lost my validation email?

Send a PM to IH Admin with your current email address and a note that you did not receive the validation email.

Why does it say I'm not verified and can't make any more posts?

If you have not made any posts yet, and it says you're unverified, it's because you haven't verified your email by clicking the link we sent you. Check your spam folder on your email account and have it re-sent if needed. If you've posted and it's saying that, you're maxed out on posts for your account level.

I just paid for a membership and ended up in this jail, what's wrong?

If this is a new registration you still have to validate your email address. Either click the verification link in the email that we sent to you or send a PM to IH Admin with your current email address.

How can I buy a gift sub and is it recurring?

Gift subscriptions are NON-RECURRING (they will not auto-renew, only one-time payment). You can give someone a gift by clicking on the GIFT icon in their profile.

How do I stop the advertisement emails?

Go to the Email Preferences tab on My Account (Found in the Tools menu if you are logged in. If you are not logged in ot need to adjust the preferences for an alternate email address, go here and enter the email address that is receiving the emails and you will be able to adjust the settings.

Why can't I see who has me Membermarked?

That is considered private to the Member who has added you to their Favorites. We only report aggregate numbers. The same is true of Ignore counts; that is private to the person who is doing the ignoring.

What is an "IRP"?

An IRP is an Investor Relations Professional. Please refer to About IRPs for more information.

Questions About Using the Site

I'm new here and have a lot of questions. Can anyone suggest where to go?

If you question pertains to how to use Investors Hub, you can refer to the following resources
If your question pertains to investing, a couple of commonly recommended boards are:::
Investor Help and Money 101

Why can't I see my own posts?

You probably put yourself on Ignore. Go to Settings - My Ignores and remove yourself from the Ignore List.

What is Happy Hour? When is it?

Happy Hour is a one-hour block where everybody has the premium features enabled for them. You can do full-text searches, send private messages, read 100's of messages in one click, etc. All the groovy extras! Everything you see on the Feature Matrix. Happy Hour is every Friday, from 4-5pm EST.

I have someone on ignore but I can still see their posts. Why?

You have Ignores disabled. Go to Settings - My Ignores and enable the Ignore Filter.

What does that green arrow symbol next to the posts mean?

Refresh1.jpg next to a post means that post was removed and then subsequently restored.

How do I search for a board?

Enter either the company's ticker symbol or part of the name into the search box, select Subjects from the drop-down list, and click Go.

How do I delete private messages out of my archived messages?

The "archives" named Inbox and Outbox (available from within your iHub Mailbox) are simply historical views with the most recent posts listed first. You cannot remove posts from these pages.

How does the full-text search work?

In most cases, you can simply type in the word or words you're interested in and let search take its best shot, but if you want a deeper understanding, then the following table will be helpful.

Investors Hub Search Syntax
Operator example Description
foot Searches for inflectional forms of the term. Matches singular and plural forms of nouns and tenses of verbs. Matches foot or feet in this case
MACD breakout

MACD AND breakout

Searches for posts containing inflectional forms of the words MACD and breakout. The keyword AND is optional
MACD OR breakout Searches for posts containing inflectional forms of the words MACD or breakout
"moving average" Searches for the phrase moving average
moving -average Searches for posts containing inflectional forms of the word moving but not the word average. Note that you can't reverse the syntax. Starting a search with a dash causes an error.
+foot Does an exact search - no inflectional forms. Matches foot but not feet.
~moderator Searches for thesaurus forms of the word moderator
nic* Searches for words that begin with the prefix nic. Matches nice and nickel for example.
{MACD breakout} This is a NEAR operator. Searches for posts that contain the word MACD in close proximity to the word breakout. In practice, unless the post is quite long, this turns out to be much like an AND search.


Why was my new board deleted?

Quite likely the board was deleted because is was a duplicate of another stock-specific board. iHub allows only one board per listed company. If a company is going to change names, tickers, or become another entity through a reverse merger or some other mechanism, the existing board's name and/or ticker will be renamed after the change becomes effective.

Why was my post deleted?

99% of the time it was deleted because it was or contained violations of our Terms of Use. The specific reason can be found by going to 'Tools - My Removed Posts which contains information about how to request administrative review of posts that you believe were removed in error.

Why can't I request a review of one of my deleted messages?

Reviewed By Admin indicates that the post was either removed by one of the site Admins or has been reviewed by one of them and the removal was allowed to stand. If you are unable to ascertain what the violation was by looking at the reason given and the actual post, you can send a PM to IH Admin and request an explanation.
N/A - Non-Stock Board and N/A - Premium Board - Moderators of these boards are generally allowed to remove posts at their discretion though Admin reserves the right to overturn any Moderator action at any time for any reason.

How do I put an image in a post or signature?

Please refer to this section of the FAQ for more information in inserting images.

Why was I banned from that board?

You can get banned from a board due to Moderator request (on private/user group boards) OR by Admin (on any board) due to TOU violations.

How do I get a board name/symbol changed?

If you are the board's Moderator or an Assistant you can go to the Manage page and click Board Name/Ticker Change and fill in the requested information. These go into a queue that are reviewed by site Admins throughout the day.

I'd like to change my alias, how do I do that?

When you decide on a new name, please double check that it is not in use by another Member first. In the search box on the top of your screen, type in the alias you are considering. Then use the drop down list and click on Members. On the next screen, click on "All Members" and see if the alias is in use. If it is not, then send a PM to IH Admin requesting the change.
Please note that alias changes are at Admin's discretion and should not exceed two or three maximum per year.
The change will be reflected in the Author/Recipient of all past posts, Favorites and other places where the system provides the Alias. It will not be reflected in user-typed text such as message bodies.
Please choose an alias with a minimum of 3 letters.

How can I get quotes to display on my board?

It's likely that the board has been placed in the incorrect category. Send a PM to IH Admin requesting a review.

How many posts do I need to make on a board before I can apply for the Mod?

You need to have 4 posts in your history in the last 90 days in order to qualify to be Moderator.

Why hasn't this guy's ban been released on the board? It was supposed to expire yesterday.

Limited bans are self releasing at their expiration time. When the User returns, the ban will automatically release.

A month ago, I was restricted to 3 posts per day on the XXXX board. I think a month is long enough and want my posts back.

After you have posted on the board for a couple of weeks and have no TOU violations, then you can send a PM to Admin asking for a review. This time frame indicates that you understand the rules and are willing to abide by them.

General Questions About iHub

Who owns iHub?

iHub is owned by, Inc., which is a wholly owned US subsidiary of ADVFN, PLC which is based in London, UK.

What is iHub's phone number?

iHub does not do administrative support by telephone. Please refer to Communicating with iHub Admins for information on contacting site Admins or Our Contact Page for information on contacting others.

What is iHub's policy on subpoenas for user information?

Please see our Subpoena Policy page for detailed information.


For subpoenas pertaining to both civil and criminal matters issued by domestic government and law enforcement entities, iHub will respond to the subpoena unless it is found to be legally insufficient or overly burdensome.
For subpoenas in civil matters (issued by parties other than domestic government and law enforcement entities), iHub will not respond to the subpoena unless 1) the subpoena is deemed by our counsel to be legally sufficient, including but not limited to being issued by a court with competent jurisdiction and having been properly served; 2) the request is not overly burdensome; 3) we have received (or waived) payment covering the costs of production; and 4) we have had an opportunity to attempt to notify affected users and afforded them an opportunity to move for a quash or other protective order from the court, should they choose to do so.
Ultimately, the production of user account information is dictated by the applicable laws, not iHub's policies. iHub's policies do not pre-empt the laws of jurisdictions to which iHub is subject.

What is iHub's past experience when served with subpoenas for user information?

Our past experience is that while we frequently receive subpoenas for user information in civil matters, we ultimately produce on very few of them. More often than not these subpoenas are simply being used as a tool to intimidate persons who are exercising their right to express their views and opinions. Some plaintiffs take it beyond intimidation and also broadcast their legal shenanigans by way of press releases as a means to try and mitigate or obscure the information they don't want known by current or potential investors or other interested parties. In any event, we are not intimidated by subpoenas and hold them to the highest level of scrutiny and legal sufficiency before even considering responding.
Legal sufficiency is the primary meter we use when determining whether or not we will respond. The merits of each specific case are determined by a court of law having jurisdiction over the matter.
An article titled Legal Protections for Anonymous Speech published (last updated on 5/30/2008) at the Citizen Media Law Project website discusses what test or standard has been applied by courts in various states to decide whether or not to allow a speaker's identity to be revealed.

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