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Subscribing Members, otherwise known as Premium Members enjoy numerous additional features. Key Premium features include but are not limited to Private Messaging*, Unlimited Posting*, Batch Reading of Boards, and Advanced Search. Subscriptions can be purchased for as little as one month to as long as three years.

Ra2.gif If you wish to cancel future subscription renewals, simply go to Settings > Cancel My Subscription. This will cancel the auto-renewing component and your remaining subscription will continue until your expiration date.
Ra2.gif If you wish to change the credit card on file with Verisign (our processor), do the same as above, then when you receive the expiration notice(s), re-subscribe with the new credit card.
Ra2.gif Credit card information is never stored on/by iHub. It's processed entirely by Verisign.

Subscription options and feature entitlements can be found here.

  • Premium subscriptions do not include an exemption from the website rules. Premium subscribers found to be in violation of the Terms of Service or the policies described in this Handbook are subject to administrative sanctions. These sanctions include but are not limited to suspension of and/or limits being placed on posting privileges at the website and/or individual board level.