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Welcome to the Investors Hub User Wiki

What is a wiki, you ask?

A wiki is an online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively. Wiki pages are easily created and can contain internal links to other pages in the wiki as well as to "outside" pages.

In this case of this wiki, we are limiting the addition and editing of content to our internal staff, although anybody can read it.

What will I find here?

Intitially, we are going to use this wiki to host our new and improved User and Moderator Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions, both of which will be linked to from the main iHub site. Using this platform will allow us to easily correct errors, add clarification when needed, and to add new content as needed.

And after "initially"?

We also plan to use this platform for tutorials on how to use the numerous iHub features, and may open the wiki to users who wish to write their own tutorials on investment-related topics such as Technical Analysis which can easily be referenced from postings on the iHub boards. However, we're not quite ready for that leap yet, so be patient!

Getting started

Here is a good place, our new and improved User and Moderator Handbook! Happy wikiing!