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Using Ignores

I can't stand this guy and end up debating stupid stuff with him. I have a hard time not responding to his posts even though I know I shouldn't.

There is nothing that says a Moderator cannot put someone on Ignore. If there are other Moderators, they can view his posts for TOU violations. If this isn't the answer, there are plenty of other people on the board that can use the Report TOS button to let Site Admin know about TOU violations.

I'm getting annoying private messages from one of the Posters on the board. I really want to be able to see her posts but I don't want to read this junk. Is there a way to block private messages and still see her posts?

If you are a Subscriber, go to their profile. Click on "Ignore This Poster". Then at the very top of your screen, you should see either "Ignores On" or "Ignores Off". If you only want to block private messages, make sure this says "Ignores Off". You can still see public posts but the Member is unable to send you PMs. If you do not have the Ignores Off/On at the top of your screen, go to "Tools", "My Ignores" and ensure that "Ignores" are "Enabled". If you are not a Subscriber, and you are receiving unwelcome PMs, then you have the option of using the Ignore feature to block private and public posts. (See above regarding using the Ignore feature as a Moderator.)

Someone deleted all of my posts that I ever made here! As soon as I post them they are gone!

You placed yourself on Ignore. Go here and remove yourself from your Ignore list.

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