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About the Settings Menu

The Settings Menu It contains several tabs associated with the Member's account settings and information. The Settings button is found in the main navigation menu and the the upper right-hand corner of the website.

Settings Pages

My Account

  • Account Number This is your unique iHub member account number.
  • Alias - This is the public Alias (pseudonym) that all iHub Users see associated with your account. If you want to change your Alias send a PM to IH Admin.
  • Password - Clicking Change will take you to the Profile Editor where you can change your account login password.
  • Email - This is the private mail address associated with your account. it is important to keep it updated so that you can retrieve your login credentials and verify your identity when communicating with iHub via email. This email address is not visible to other users unless you also place it in the Public Email address field in your Personal Profile.
  • Account Level - This describes the current Membership Level associated with your account.
  • Registration Date is the date that you originally registered this account.
  • Subscription Expiration Date - If present, it shows the expiration date associated with your current subscription. It can be ignored if you are not currently a paid subscriber.
  • Peoplemarks - This is how many iHub members have added you to their Favorites.
  • Remaining Posts Today - This shows you how many posts you have remaining before midnight (Eastern US zone) if your account has limited posting entitlements.

My Settings

  • Favorites Auto-Refresh (True=On, False=Off)
  • Favorites Refresh Rate (in seconds)
  • Favorites Date/Time Display
  • Favorite Boards Sorted By
  • Favorite People Sorted By
  • Bottom Menu Display
  • Play Embedded Sounds
  • Display Embedded Graphics
  • Mark Messages 'Read' in Next10 View
  • Alert Browser Window On New Messages
  • Messages Per Category in MailBox
  • Messages Per Batch in Batch-View (Next10) mode
  • Board Refresh Rate (in seconds, 0=no auto-refresh)
  • Sound for New Message Notification
  • Show Message Navigation as:
  • Show Signatures in Messages
  • Email notification for New Private Messages (name@domain.com - Edit)
  • Email notification for New Public Messages to Me (name@domain.com - Edit)

My Ignores

  • Ignore Filter - When Enabled, public posts from members you have placed on Ignore will be filtered from the message boards.
  • Replies to Ignored People - When "Hidden" is selected *and* your Ignore Filter is Enabled, replies to members you have placed on Ignore will be filtered from the message boards.

Note: Clicking on either of the above settings will toggle it to the opposite setting.

  • Ignore List - These are the Members you have placed on Ignore.

My Removed Posts

Contact Us

Email Preferences

This is for managing your subscriptions to mailing lists. It does not cover system-generated email or subscriptions to board-specific board mail lists.

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