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Pleaser refer to Handbook#Communicating with iHub Admins for related information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I think this Member is posting under different names. What should I do?

First, please do not post this speculation on the board. It just leads to more off-topic discussion. The most effective and quickest way to have this reviewed is to use the Report TOS Violation link and indicate in the comments that you feel the poster is using multiple aliases. If you think it is someone specific, please include a link, or at least the other alias you suspect. You can also send a private message to IH Admin.

There is a user posting vulgarity and personal attacks in their posts, then they remove them before they run out of editing time. How can I report something that isn't there?

Site Admins have the ability to verify such activity. Simply File a TOS Report on the post in question and include a comment of what you observed.

One of the board moderators is posting personal attacks, then deleting them.

Site Admins have a detailed chronology available of all deletions and restores. Send a PM to the Site Admin if you observe what you believe to be abuses of moderator privileges.

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