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This guy sent me a PM and called me a jerk! That's a personal attack and he should be suspended!

The TOU doesn't apply to PMs as we believe they are just that - private. Admin gets involved in PMs if they are extremely vulgar, threats of physical violence or spam. If you are getting unwelcome private messages, then you have the option of blocking them. At the bottom of the PM, click on the link that says "Block User's Private Messages".

I received a very, very vulgar PM, how do I alert you?

If you would like Admin to review the situation, please send a copy/paste of the PM. Otherwise, Admin cannot see PMs even when a link is sent.

Someone said that Admin regularly read PMs. I thought these were private and don't think that's right!

Admin does not have access to the contents of PMs. From a common sense standpoint, consider that there are tens of thousands of Users on this site. There are over 25,000 public and private messages each day. Admins are very busy reviewing the 100's of public posts brought to their attention via the TOS Report in addition to the 100's of PMs sent to them each day. They do not have the time, energy or interest in trolling.

I got a private message from a freebie - I thought this was a feature only for people who paid for a sub?

Non-subscribers can send PMs during Happy Hour on Fridays from 4:00pm - 5:00pm Eastern.

This guy alerted me to a stock pick earlier and now it's not in my inbox? What happened?

When reports of PM spam are sent to Admin, the database is queried for evidence of this. When it's clear that the User was indeed spamming via PM, then a program is run to remove all spam instances.

The CEO is a member of this site and he attacked me via PM. I think all shareholders should see what kind of man he is but I posted it on the board and it was deleted for a violation of privacy. I don't understand.

Private messages are for the intended recipient only and copies of the PM or references to the content should not be posted publicly.

My PMs are gone. Where did they go?

The PMs that you send or receive will never go away. They are all stored in your Archives. Every PM that you have received or sent is accessible from your Archives.

Go to your mailbox. Click the "Inbox" or "Outbox" link where it says "Archives" at the top right side.

You might also want to go to "Settings" and click the My Settings tab. Scroll down to where it says ""Messages per categoryin mailbox" and set it for 500. Click "Update" at the bottom of that page.

Now, when you are in your Archived PMs you will see the last 500 PMs. If you want to look further back go to the bottom of the list and click on "Previous 500".