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=== Question: ===
=== Question: ===

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Why do some posts show only "Post Unavailable"?


This typically means the post or other user content has been taken down pursuant to one of the following reasons:

  • Court order, injunction or other operation of law *
  • DMCA or comparable notice intellectual property right infringement
  • Claim of defamatory (or similar) content *
  • Content that violates individual privacy
  • Other offensive content
* Depending on the reason for the takedown, availability of the content may vary based on the viewer's location. Many takedowns only affect publication to viewers outside of the United States.

Content that has been "taken down" is not necessarily the same as posts or other content that has been removed for violation of the site's Terms of Service. The two states are independent of each other.


Examples of Injunctions/Operations of Law