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Addition and Removal of Moderators and Assistants

I want to add an Assistant to the board, how do I do this?

If you want the help and are trying to decide on someone to add, here are some things to keep in mind. If you are bullish about the company, it may be a good idea to add someone bearish (or vice versa). Having "both sides" represented on the moderating team has proven to be very successful in maintaining a balanced discussion. Try to find someone who doesn't have a habit of violating the Terms of Use themselves. Moderators cannot regularly break the same rules they are in place to enforce. Lastly, please ask the person you would like to have as an Assistant before adding them. Some people don't have the time or simply don't want the responsibility. Plus, it's just common courtesy to get their approval first.

Adding an Assistant is something you can do yourself without the help of a Site Admin. On the Manage screen, click on "Manage Assistants", "Add an Assistant", type the alias you would like to add in the box provided and click on the correct Member from the list of matching names provided.

I want to be an Assistant on the board. How do I go about doing this?

This is typically done by the Moderator of the board and they are usually appreciative of offers to assist. So, just ask! You are also welcome to ask Site Admin, although, if the board is being moderated fairly based on the Terms of Use, Admin will most likely defer to the Mod\’s decision.

I no longer want to Moderate this board, how do I get removed?

If you are an Assistant, simply hit the "Resign as Assistant" in the Manage mode. If you are the Moderator, simply hit the "Resign as Moderator" in the Manage mode.

Why was I removed as an Assistant on this board?

The Moderator, in most cases, decides who will and will not assist on the board. If you have been removed and you were an active Assistant, please feel free to ask a Site Admin if you would like to have the matter reviewed. In cases of moderating abuse, however, Site Admins do step in and remove Assistants.

I was made an Assistant on a board and I don't know why.

It is preferred that Moderators ask member's permission before they make them Assistants. Occasionally a Moderator adds Members they feel would fulfill these duties responsibly, without asking them. If you would like to remain in this role, then the Moderator and rest of the board members will most likely be very appreciative. If you don't have the time or inclination, not a problem. Simply click on the "Resign as Assistant" button in the Manage mode and you will be removed.

Why was I removed as Moderator on this board?

If you are an active Moderator, it is likely you are very aware of why you have been removed. If an Admin has been discussing moderating abuses with you (removal of posts that were not Terms of Use violations, biased removals, continually removing your own posts), the decision has been made that this board needs someone different in this role.

Sometimes, there will be multiple complaints about the board, and Admin will review. If the evaluation indicates that there\’s a huge gap in moderating based on the TOU or clear, repeated moderator privilege abuse, then this would be cause for immediate removal. However; the complaints are not the determining factor; the actual moderating activities are. If you have been inactive in posting and/or moderating the board and someone else requests to take an active role on the board, Admin will likely make the change without consulting you. Likewise if the board is a high volume board and you have not been actively moderating, Admin may replace you with a Member who has committed to managing the board.