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The Mod Squad

Mod Squad I see deletions by the "Mod Squad", who or what is this?

The Mod Squad is a group of approximately 12 Members who have the ability to restore or delete posts on all boards in the Free Zone. (They cannot make any changes to the iBox nor do they have any access to confidential Admin areas or information). There are many boards that have no Moderators or are not fully "staffed". Being a Mod is a volunteer position and there are commitments away from the site that leaves the board unattended for periods of time. And occasionally there are rogue Mods who just aren't suited for the position. The members of the Mod Squad are very helpful in being an extra set of eyes for both Mods and Admins, in ensuring compliance to the TOU. While these members are anonymous to others, Site Admins work very closely with these Members and are confident in their understanding of the TOU.

I deleted a post and someone from the MOD Squad restored it. I think it was a clear violation.

Please send a PM to iHub Admin requesting a review of the post.

The Mod Squad removed a post and I don't think it should have been deleted. Should I restore it?

Moderators cannot reverse a Mod Squad member's decisions. The information MS can access is no different than that of a Moderator, but it is more comprehensive. They have the ability to remove/restore posts on every board in the Free Zone. Therefore, there may be reasons not apparent to a Moderator on an individual board, that a post should be removed (frequently multiple-board spam) that the Mod Squad sees. If you disagree with a deletion, please ask IHub Admin to review.

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