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All content of Member's Profiles should adhere to the TOS and for more detailed explanations of the terms used go HERE.

Acceptable Use Policy for Signatures/Profiles/Icons

  • Signatures are subject to the TOS (see above).
  • Please do not put sounds in Signatures and keep images as small as possible.
  • No racy/sexual/scantily-clad pictures in Profile Image or Signature.
  • No mention of specific stocks or links to stock-specific boards in your Profile Image or Signature.
  • No links off the site in your Profile Image or Signature.
  • No solicitation.
  • No 17(b) disclaimers except for active IRPs.
  • And finally, no political or religious images/text in your Profile Image or Signature.

Continual abuse of this policy will result in these features being disabled at minimum.

Someone is using MY picture in their profile. That's a violation of my privacy!

That is not allowed. Please send a PM to iHAdmin with a link to the User's profile and your use of it on a social media page.

This lady is making a personal attack at the bottom of every post she makes. I deleted them and someone restored them!

It's likely a statement in her signature. Please alert iHAdmin to review as it is against the rules to include statements about other Users in signatures. Admin can disable the signature and the posts will remain.