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A special thanks to ONEBGG for his dedication to maintaining the TEST Board. He has graciously allowed us to use his posts in explaining the Tips and Tricks that explain these processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a new message?

Go to the message list of the board you would like to compose a message on. Example: The Question and Answer Board Message List

On the line above the messages you will see a link to "Post New Message". Simply click on that, type your message and then click on "Submit". If you'd like to Preview (spelling errors will be highlighted), then click on Preview before Submitting.

How do I delete a message?

Users cannot delete a message unless they are a Moderator on the board.

How do I edit a message?

When viewing the post, there is a link to Edit Msg with a number indicating how many minutes remain for editing. There is a 15 minute window to edit any post.

How do I add a link in my message?

Go to the top of your screen where you see "address". Highlight (hold the left mouse button down as you move your cursor across the text) the entire line beginning with "http". Right click and move the arrow down to "copy". Then place your cursor where you want this information to be copied, right click and select "paste" and Voila!

How do I italicize portions of my message?

[i]text you would like in italics[/i]

How do I bold?

[b]text you would like in bold[/b]

How do I underline?

[u]text you would line underlined[/u]

How do I change the color?

Click here: Color

How do I change the font size?

Font size changes in posts are not allowed.

How do I link to another board?

Click here: Linking to Boards

How do I link to another post?

Click here: Linking to Posts

How do I link text or an image to the Web?

Click here: Linking to the Web

How do I put sounds in my post?

Click here: Adding Sounds

How do I post charts?

Click here: Posting a Chart

How do I add a picture?

First, you need to convert it if the image is not jpeg or gif: Image to jpeg or gif

Then, you need to upload it: Uploading Images

Lastly, post it: Posting Images

Or Images from Photobucket: Photobucket

Or Images from Imageshack: Imageshack

How do I add a stock quote?

[t]ticker symbol here[/t]
Ra2.gif Adding Quote Example

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