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I want to create a survey, how is that done?

From the "Manage" screen, click on "Surveys" then "Add Survey". Then complete the template provided. Please keep in mind, all surveys are subject to the TOU. Surveys about Posters and Moderators, for example, are not acceptable.

I want to delete a survey, how is that done?

Surveys cannot be deleted but they can be removed from public viewing. If you would like to have a survey "hidden" please send a PM to iHub Admin asking for assistance.

I want to create a survey to vote on stickies and iBox material. Is this allowed?

Yes, surveys about the content of the iBox and stickies is allowed. However, note that this is not a definitive on what will be. Moderators must work together to determine how these will be handled. Although, no Mod should be removing any other Mod's sticky notes or content from the iBox without full agreement.

Help! Another Mod created a survey asking if I should be a Moderator. I don't think this is fair.

Agreed, all surveys must adhere to the TOS of this site. A survey about another User is not allowed. Please alert Admin if/when this occurs.

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