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This board is for "longs" and I want people to understand this board is NOT for bashers. I put this in the iBox so everyone would understand what this board was all about. But, someone has said that I can\’t have my own rules for my board. What's this all about?

The only rules that govern boards in the Free Zone are the Terms of Use.

I created a board that was for people to discuss all stocks, not just a specific company. All of a sudden "Free Members" can't post on it. What's going on?

Chances are you weren't moderating the board based on the TOU. If a significant amount of the dialog is discussion of topics other than stocks, the board belongs in the Premium category.

Discussion of other boards, Moderators on other boards and deletions are not appropriate for any board. If someone feels these matters need to be addressed they need to so privately with a Site Admin. While some technical support boards (i.e., computer related) are in the Free Zone, in general, boards not related to stock discussion are the only boards non-subscribers cannot post on. However; anyone can read these boards.

Two Users made a bet on the board. One agreed that if the 10k was delayed past the due date that he would no longer post on the board. The other agreed not to post again if it was out on time. It was filed on the correct day and the guy has not lived up to his agreement!

The posts regarding the "bet" should have been removed before it ever got to this point. They were off topic (i.e. not discussion of the company) and, at the conclusion, invariably lead to further off-topic and/or personal attack posts. At this point, all you can do is remove the posts discussing this topic and post a message indicating that posts of this nature will be removed. If this doesn't help, please send a PM to Admin asking for their assistance.

Shareholder Counts

We are conducting a shareholder count on our board and one woman keeps saying it's off-topic. Is it?

Technically, dialog regarding individuals' holding in the stock could be considered off-topic. However; some have argued that the number of shares "controlled by the board" is a key technical indicator. As there is no confirmation that any of the alleged share ownership claims are accurate, the benefit of any exercise along this line is debatable at best. Even so, we currently allow so-called "shareholder count" dialog and leave it up to readers to determine the validity of the information.

We are having a shareholder count on our board and this guy keeps updating his shares saying now that he owns 95% of the float. It's obviously not true; he's just trying to be a troublemaker. Can I delete these posts?

It's likely that the User is trying to make a point about the authenticity of any of the numbers given by other Posters. He/she makes a very valid point. But, no, the post cannot be removed. Messages are not removed based on what you, other Moderators or Admins believe to be "true". First, it's too subjective and secondly, it would be impossible to enforce. If you have made the decision to hold a shareholder count on your board, then this would be a biased deletion as you have no "proof" of other's holdings either.

There was a shareholdercount on our board and now we have one Poster who is using this information to make fun of other posters for how many shares they have. He basically says that people's opinions don't count if they have less than a million shares.

This is another great illustration of why this type of tally is discouraged. It just creates too much fodder for other TOU violations. If the post is a personal attack or off-topic (i.e. focusing on the other User), then it should be removed.

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