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Many Users have difficulty understanding how to refute information without attacking the person. Here's an example:

Message: That house is blue.

Reply: What are you frigging color blind?!?! You didn't pass "colors" in Kindergarten? That house is obviously green.

  • This is a personal attack and should be removed.

Reply: Hmmmm, are you an artist? Are you a painter? Do you work at Sherwin Williams? Could you share with us what your expertise and qualifications are in determining various colors because I thought the house was green?

  • This is focusing on the other User and should be removed.

Reply: Some people here obviously have an agenda. Imagine what idiots they must think we are to try and state that a house that is clearly green is blue...Geesh, the lengths some people will go to.

  • This is focusing on the other User and should be removed.

Reply: Interesting - the house looks green to me.

  • This is focusing on and disagreeing with the information and should remain.

Here's a post with an even more detailed explanation: