Deletion Rules/Recourse

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It is the burden of each poster to ensure that their posts do not contain content that qualifies them for removal. It doesn't matter if your post contains the cure to the common cold or the best stock tip since (fill in your favorite ticker here); if it contains other content that is a violation of the site's rules of conduct, then it qualifies for removal.

Stock Specific Boards

Messages are removed on stock-specific boards because they violate our rules. Those rules deal with civil conduct, not topical content. Here's a link to when/why messages are deleted:

If you feel your post has been removed in error you can go to your Settings/My Removed Posts to see why it was removed and request a review. If the message was deleted by Admin or has already been reviewed it will indicate the message has already been reviewed.

If your post does not contain content that justified its removal or you don't understand the deletion, you can send a PM to Admin asking for clarification. (All Users can send private messages to Admin). Please be sure to supply a link to the post in question and otherwise follow the instructions when PMing an Admin or your inquiry may go unanswered.

Non-Stock Specific Boards

Moderators of boards that are not stock-specific have greater latitude in removing posts. iHub does not review deletions on those boards unless there is egregious abuse of deletion privileges by the moderator(s).

Reporting Violations

If you see a post that violates the TOU, you can hit the Report TOS button at the bottom of each message. This goes to a report that Admin reviews throughout the day.

Requesting Reviews of Deleted Posts

Go to Settings/My Removed Posts to request a review of any deletions you feel were in error: