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2009-05-26 Beta site disabled - redirects to main site.
2009-05-26 Added new webservere to production site. WEB3 / WEB4 both serve iHub pages now.



Nothing to see here - just testing the wiki mail.


  • 28-May Multiple hour failure due to a casualty at GSI Hosting. Affected all non-AT&T users.

-- At approximately 1:05pm CDT on Wednesday and lasting until about 3:50pm, GSI experienced a network outage affecting multiple clients. This outage was caused by the hardware/firmware failure of a device owned by one of GSI’s carriers that provides the fiber ring between GSI facilities. A third link between facilities was brought online until the main ring could be brought back online. Outage Timeline:

1:05pmSystems Report Down – Severity 1 issue identified and all hands respond
3:50pmBackup Link established and systems come back up for most clients
6:10pmMain inter-facility link fully functional. Some clients restored, but pending maintenance window to bring back into full production
5/29 3:30amFiber Ring fully functional and all traffic rerouted to Ring

This was a major service-level event and a full scale review is being undertaken by the ISP to ensure the point-of-failure and fail-over systems are re-engineered to prevent further such occurrences.

  • Launched iHub 2.0 (.NET version) on the evening of 5/21.
  • Opened Beta to all users on 5/12.
  • Began early Beta testing of iHub 2.0 on 5/08.


  • Enhanced Deletion Review Request form to include links to "in response to" post/author if applicable. Fixed formatting. Added link to FAQ.
  • Launch of new wiki containing a completely revised and indexed User and Moderator Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Added New Boards and Thank You to Subscribers back to the new Home Page.
  • Added the ability to embed tickers into message text that links to Quote page.
  • Implemented practice of removing inactive moderators.


  • Created tool for moderators to removed bounced email addresses from Board mail lists.
  • Created My Removed Posts page as a means for users to see their removed posts.
  • Implemented generic IH Admin account as a means for users to contact the first available Site Admin.