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  • ...address your concerns with the specific post, or Member if appropriate. (Note: Admin are the only people who see or have access to TOS Reports and the co Note new signatures will not be attached to your posts until being selected as y
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  • Note: Clicking on either of the above settings will toggle it to the opposite se
    4 KB (589 words) - 12:24, 29 September 2020
  • Yes, surveys about the content of the iBox and stickies is allowed. However, note that this is not a definitive on what will be. Moderators must work togeth
    1 KB (207 words) - 15:28, 13 October 2020
  • ...end a private message to iHub Admin. Please include relevant links. PLEASE NOTE: that we do not restrict users on the basis of their investment sentiment. ...ho has posted on the board next to their post on the message list. Please note that Admin reserves the right to overturn any Moderator action on any Premi
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  • Note that the video currently doesn't appear on Preview, but will once you post '''NOTE:'''
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  • ...content is to be taken down, iHub will take the matter under advisement. (Note: Interactive computer services such as iHub are immunized from declaratory ...ed sending a private message, if you are a Subscriber, or posting a polite note on the board (i.e. "time to get back to discussing XYZZ"), then sending a P
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  • ...ges. Here is a list of the implemented pages and the available commands. Note that your browser must have javascript enabled for the shortcuts to work.
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  • .../post_prvt.asp?user=111041 IH Admin] with your current email address and a note that you did not receive the validation email. ...g inflectional forms of the word ''moving'' but not the word ''average''. Note that you can't reverse the syntax. Starting a search with a dash causes an
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  • ...ed Posts]''' to request a review of any deletions you feel were in error. Note Moderators on the board and Mod Squad also have access to this report and c
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