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  • ...s it will be restored without asking any questions. However; if there are too-frequent deletions made "in error" by the same Moderator, they will receive
    36 KB (5,948 words) - 13:31, 29 September 2020
  • ...s" but when you click on it, it gives the guy a MemberMark. Can I do this, too? ==== ===I have too many pictures in my signature file. How do I get rid of the ones I don't w
    5 KB (916 words) - 12:56, 6 October 2020
  • ...ns, it seems like one guy started it. Why did the other people get banned, too? ==== ...on what you, other Moderators or Admins believe to be "true". First, it's too subjective and secondly, it would be impossible to enforce.
    9 KB (1,547 words) - 15:06, 29 September 2020
  • ==== Are replies to deleted posts supposed to be removed, too? ==== ...opic bit, but if someone says "Good morning" am I supposed to delete that, too? ====
    23 KB (4,103 words) - 14:48, 15 September 2020
  • The executioner takes the lawyer next. The lawyer figuring that he too might be spared, chooses to go in facing upwards. Well once again, the blad Well the engineer decides to go with the flow, and he too chooses to be executed face up. So executioner puts him in the guillotine a
    57 KB (9,831 words) - 11:22, 14 May 2019