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  • <b>[[Frequently Asked Questions]] can be found [[Frequently Asked Questions|here]].</b> ...clusive references explaining and giving examples of every single act that can result in administrative sanctions and every single thing that won't. We ha
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  • the rules to include statements about other Users in signatures. Admin can disable the signature and the posts will remain.
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  • .../ Profile Editor] where you can change your account login password. ...sociated with your account. it is important to keep it updated so that you can retrieve your login credentials and verify your identity when communicating
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  • ...favorite boards" but when you click on it, it gives the guy a MemberMark. Can I do this, too? ==== ==== I'm Mod on the board and don't understand why I can't have the company’s logo or ticker in my signature? ====
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  • Surveys cannot be deleted but they can be removed from public viewing. If you would like to have a survey "hidden"
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  • ...s all stocks, not just a specific company. All of a sudden "Free Members" can't post on it. What's going on? ==== ...ssion are the only boards non-subscribers cannot post on. However; anyone can read these boards.
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  • You can make a copy of your screen by holding down the ALT key and pressing the Prt You can now upload your picture to your [
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  • A good rule of thumb is that if the post can "stand alone" within the [ T ...r bold or CAPS and I find it very annoying. He doesn't need to YELL at us. Can't his posts be deleted? ====
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  • Any User in good standing can become a Moderator provided they have made 4 posts on the board that comply Adding an Assistant is something you can do yourself without the help of a Site Admin. On the Manage screen, click o
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  • ==== I can't stand this guy and end up debating stupid stuff with him. I have a hard t ...this isn't the answer, there are plenty of other people on the board that can use the Report TOS button to let Site Admin know about TOU violations.
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  • Moderators cannot reverse a Mod Squad member's decisions. The information MS can access is no different than that of a Moderator, but it is more comprehensi
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  • <Evil> How can anyone win if everything is wild? <Good> No ONE can win, but we all can call ourselves winners if...
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  • ==== Why does it say I'm not verified and can't make any more posts? ==== ==== How can I buy a gift sub and is it recurring? ====
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  • ...the amount thereof.More information about what qualifies someone as an IRP can be found [ here]. ...remote website comnplies with iHub's Terms of Service. The commercial user can then link to posts on their board from other iHub message boards as long as
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  • If you feel your post has been removed in error you can go to your '''[ Sett ...p?user=111041 send a PM to Admin]''' asking for clarification. (All Users can send private messages to Admin). Please be sure to supply a link to the pos
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  • Admins do not have access to the contents of PMs nor can they read them even if a link is sent. From a practical point of view, cons ...en a [[PM_Spam|program is run]] to remove all spam instances. The message can be viewed in your mailbox under the Inbox Archive tab.
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  • '''Any registered user can send Private Messages to site personnel by clicking on their profiles below ADVFN Support Efren] can help with subscriptions, and questions regarding Level II and other financi
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  • ...spx?message_id=78678791 How do I put a picture in the <u>ibox</u> that you can click?] ...uently_Asked_Questions#How_can_I_buy_a_gift_sub_and_is_it_recurring.3F How can I buy a gift sub and is it recurring?]
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  • ==== What can I do about it? ====
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  • == How can I get my posts to go directly to Twitter? == == How can I get posts on my board to go directly to Twitter? ==
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