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  • You will also find many places where portions of this handbook are linked to FAQ pages, and where the FAQ pages link back to portions of this ...gree of latitude in moderating those boards, while boards in the Free Zone are held to a higher standard for [
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  • Users cannot delete a message unless they are a Moderator on the board. Font size changes in posts are not allowed.
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  • If you want the help and are trying to decide on someone to add, here are some things to keep in mind: ...of Use] themselves. Moderators cannot regularly break the same rules they are in place to enforce.
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  • ...ith civil conduct, not topical content. Here's a link to when/why messages are deleted: Moderators of boards that are not stock-specific have greater latitude in removing posts. iHub does not r
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  • threats of physical violence against the recipient, or are spam. If you are getting unwelcome private messages you have the option of blocking them. A ...der's prior explicit approval. Users failing to abide by that privacy rule are subject to administrative sanctions up to and including account termination
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  • Site Admins are the people who handle day-to-day issues regarding use of the iHub site and
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  • ..._that_contains_press_releases_or_links_to_the_IR_site_being_removed.3F Why are posts that contains press releases or links to the IR site being removed?] *[ What are the rules for posting on stock boards?]
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  • ...n ''removed'' for violation of the site's Terms of Service. The two states are independent of each other.
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  • ==== Why are these terms being prohibited? ==== ...nt. iHub may, at its sole discretion and without admitting that such posts are libelous, defamatory or otherwise actionable, remove them from publication.
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